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Esso launches mobile payment app for fuel purchases

Esso has launched a new app for mobile phones, that allows customers to pay for their fuel at the petrol station. Using cloud-based technology, the system is quick and secure.

Once at the pump and before filling up with fuel, customers can open the app, select the pump number and authorise payment. When the nozzle for the fuel pump has been replaced the app confirms the payment amount and emails them a receipt for their purchase.
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Child Safety Initiative Phone Scam

Today I had a call from ‘The Child Safety Initiative’. The woman who called had a northern accent and said she’d “spoken to Lindsey back in February”, and Lindsey had agreed to sponsor a campaign to education children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

When I said I had no recollection of speaking to her and hadn't agreed to sponsor anyone she asked if I was Lindsey Harris. When I confirmed I was, she reiterated that, oh yes, we'd spoken in February and M35 Web Design had agreed to sponsor their publication for a one-off cost, instead of their five-yearly sponsorship deal. The cost of this 'sponsorship'? £125 + VAT.
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The Power of Blogging Part III – Another Update

Writing blog posts is an easy way to regularly get to the top of Google and other search engines!

Last month I wrote two articles on the writing blog posts and the power of blogging. You can see The Power of Blogging Part 1 here and The Power of Blogging Part II here.

Today’s post is a short update to say that my sunflower blog post (referred to in The Power of Blogging Part II) now also ranks at number 2 and 3 on page 1 in Google for the search terms ‘sunflower fields uk 2017’ and ‘sunflower field uk 2017’.

Initially I was just targeting fairly local search phrases, such as ‘sunflower field dorset’, so having a UK search result so quickly is great.
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Ransomware targeting WordPress websites

Ransomware is now targeting WordPress websites, so if you have a site that’s been built with WordPress, this post is for you.

Ransomware encrypts all your website’s files using strong and unbreakable encryption, then the attackers ask you to pay them to decrypt your files. They usually ask for payment by Bitcoin, although paying doesn’t unlock the files anyway.

There are ways to protect your site from being compromised by Ransomware.
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Using numbers, symbols and capital letters in passwords is wr0ng!

In 2003 Bill Burr compiled a report on choosing a secure password, written when he was a mid level manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in the US. Back then, his advice was to use use a mix of numbers, uppercase letters and non-alphabetic symbols, and change passwords often, such as every 90 days.

According to the Wall Street Journal (7th August 2017) Mr Burr now says that he regrets his advice, because such passwords have proved easier to hack.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has now set new guidelines.
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Been given a bad or fake review in Google? We might be able to help

Been given a bad or fake review in Google? If your business has been left a bad public review in Google you’ll know how frustrating this is, particularly if it’s unjust, or even fake.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stop someone from leaving you a bad review, and it’s a fact of life that customers are more likely to leave a review when they want to complain, rather than when they’re happy.

Recently, a client of M35 Web Design was left two bad reviews on his Google Business listing in quick succession. A Google Business listing is what you're likely to see on the right-hand side of the search results page if you Google the name of your company.
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The Power of Blogging Part II – Here’s the Proof!

At the beginning of this month I wrote an article entitled ‘Get ahead of the competition by blogging! The Power of Blogging Part I’

Some people know that in my ‘other life’ I’m a photographer (yes I do sell photos!). My reason for mentioning this is that I’ve achieved some stunning search engine results via the regular blog posts (news stories) that I write on my photography website. What I mean by this is that I routinely see my posts get to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo – sometimes in a matter of hours. The record was 3 hours from publishing my post to it appearing at the top of Google. More »
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