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Internet News Articles from M35 Web Design

Adobe to phase out Flash Player plugin by end of 2020

Adobe has said that it plans to phase out its Flash Player plugin by the end of 2020. Once widely used in games, online radio and animation, much of Flash's functionality has now been replaced by HTML5.

The Power of Blogging Part II – Here’s the Proof!

At the beginning of this month I wrote an article entitled ‘Get ahead of the competition by blogging! The Power of Blogging Part I’

Some people know that in my ‘other life’ I’m a photographer (yes I do sell photos!). My reason for mentioning this is that I’ve achieved some stunning search engine results via the regular blog posts (news stories) that I write on my photography website. What I mean by this is that I routinely see my posts get to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo – sometimes in a matter of hours. The record was 3 hours from publishing my post to it appearing at the top of Google. More »

10% off website build for new clients

Throughout July and August 2017 we’re offering 10% off the final build price to new clients* who have a website built by us.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, then make sure you at least put down a deposit in July (or by the end of August 2017) to receive 10% off the total price.

*Only valid for new clients who have never received a website design quote from us before.

NEW! Print, Slide and Photo Negative Scanning Service, Poole, Dorset

M35 Web Design, in Poole, Dorset, is pleased to offer a print, slide and photo negative scanning service, as well as digital photo retouching.

Perhaps you’ve found some old negatives or slides in the attic, or photos from years ago that are now faded? If so, we can scan them and restore them to their former glory.

WordPress Attacks – March 2017 Report from Wordfence

Wordfence have just published their March 2017 WordPress Attacks report. This includes the top attacking countries and the most attacked WordPress themes and plugins.

This just proves how important it is to keep your website updated, and with robust security protection in place too.

World’s Biggest Data Breaches, Leaks and Hacks

The world’s biggest data breaches, leaks and hacks are shown in an interesting, interactive infograph from

If you start at 2004, at the bottom of the chart, as you scroll up to 2017 it’s clear to see that data breaches of companies and government organisations is increasing.

Facebook ‘Trending’ To Weed Out Fake News Stories

Facebook has begun rolling out an update to its ‘Trending’ feature in an attempt to weed out fake news stories. Instead it will show users news from a range of balanced sources.

Trending will soon feature topics covered by several publishers, rather than showing the stories that are shared by the largest number of people. This is intended to make Facebook a more credible source of information.

Important News For All Website Owners

Non https://www. websites to soon be labelled by Google Chrome’s browser as “Not secure” If you have a website that has pages with a password form or credit card field (e.g. an online shop) then make sure you read on. Also if you have a WordPress login. Some time on or around January 31st of this month, version 56 of the Google’s Chrome web browser will be released. As a result, any page on your website that is non-HTTPS (i.e. no padlock secure symbol etc) will be labelled by Google Chrome’s browser as “Not secure”. This warning may confuse site visitors who sign in to