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More about the Starter Website

The Starter Website is a  three-page website, comprising a Home page, Contact page and one other page of your choice, e.g. Testimonials. It’s a perfect solution if you haven’t got a website and just want a basic online presence.

A starter website is fully search engine optimised, meaning that it has been built to be ‘friendly’ to search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

* The price doesn’t include domain name registration or hosting. We also recommend setup and implementation of a Google Analytics visitor stats package, which is an essential marketing tool for website owners. This costs an extra £25 for us to setup/put the Analytics code into your website.

Google Analytics helps you to analyse visitor traffic, giving you a better picture of your target customers and their needs.

More about a website you can update yourself

M35 Web Design specialises in building WordPress and bespoke websites that clients can update themselves. That means if you want to change your text and pictures yourself, this is the perfect solution for you. You don’t need much technical expertise, but you do need an enquiring mind and a willingness to learn something a little bit new and different! Updates are done via a secure login on your site.

If you can create a Word document on your computer, login to websites such as Amazon, Gmail etc., and find files on your own computer, then you should have the basic skills to update your own site.

Alternatively, if you want a fully-featured site but don’t want to update it yourself, we can make the changes for you for an extremely competitive price.

What about email?

Email is usually included with every domain name/hosting package, and you can have as many as 20 different email addresses. There is an extra charge to enable you to receive email on a mobile device.

We advise that you use your own IT specialist to set up email on your computer and/or mobile device, or we have written instructions.

Our Terms Of Business

Website Build

If you are having a website built, then we ask all new customers for 50% of the estimated build cost up front. The rest is payable when you are happy for your new website to go live. If you are an existing customer, then sometimes we can relax those rules. That means you can pay when your new site has been completed.

Domain names are invoiced two months prior to their renewal date (because we are charged one month prior to renewal date, so that gives you a month to process the invoice).

Web hosting is invoiced one month before renewal date.

Website updates are usually invoiced upon completion, but we ask that you pay within one month of receiving our invoice.

Full Terms and Conditions can be seen here:-

Website Hosting & Domain Names | Web Design Terms & Conditions | Search Engine Optimisation Terms & Conditions | Domain Name Registrations & Renewals.

What if you don't pay our invoice on time?

Just like other web design companies, if you don’t pay our invoice on time then it means we will withdraw your internet services. So if you don’t pay for your website hosting for example, we will inactivate your website and email until we receive payment.

Likewise, if you don’t pay us to renew your domain name then it will expire and eventually become free for anyone else to register.

The above may seem harsh, but we are not a credit agency! After all, it you take your car into a garage for repair you won’t be able to drive it away until you’ve paid your bill. Just as you have to make a living, it’s good to realise that we do too!

BUT…… don’t worry, you will receive several reminders prior to us taking the above action!


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