I want a new website, do you give any free advice?
Yes, initial advice is no obligation and free. We are always happy to meet for an informal chat, or talk to you on the phone to discuss your requirements and tell you what we can offer. If you then decide not to use our services we will be disappointed, of course, but will respect your decision.
Can you help me choose a suitable domain name for my business?
Yes, M35 Web Design can help you choose a suitable domain name for your business.

Click here for more information on domain names.

What is website hosting and why do I need it?

When a website is created it needs somewhere to ‘live’ and that is on a host server. Without hosting your website cannot be seen on the internet, which would be the same as having a landline phone but no phone line for it and then wondering why you get no calls!

We offer hosting for your website from £95 per annum.

Yes, there is cheaper hosting out there, but you really do get what you pay for. ‘Cheap hosting’ also means limited technical support. This would usually be via a support ticket system, with a wait of 24 hours or more for a reply. There won’t be an ability to speak to a support representative on the phone either.

Can you help me setup my email?

We have written instructions on setting up your email if it is domain name email e.g. you@yourname.co.uk. This costs £25. If you still need help we recommend you use your own IT professional.

We can also help with setting up free email accounts, such as Yahoo or GMail. This would be quoted for at the time.

If you build me a website do I own the copyright?
Once you have paid (in full) for your website and it is live, you own the copyright. We never hold clients to ransom by refusing to hand things over – unless you owe us money of course!

If you choose not to work with us any more, then of course we will be sorry to see you go, but we’ll respect your decision and hand over your website files*.

*Depending on the way your site has been built there may be an admin charge to prepare the files for handover.

Can I update my own website?

Yes and no: it depends on how your site has been built as to whether you can update it yourself.

Technically it’s possible to update any site yourself, if you have the knowledge and the right tools. However, unless you have a website that has a Content Management System (CMS) with it, updating is just not an option for most people. It’s like trying to drive a car when you’ve never even sat behind the wheel; the only difference is that it takes less time to learn to drive!

M35 Web Design has over 20+ years’ knowledge of website design and build, and so website updates are second nature to us.

The good news is that we specialise in building WordPress and bespoke websites that customers can update, which is done via a secure login on your site. That means you don’t need much technical expertise to be able to update text and pictures yourself. Alternatively, we can make the changes for you for an extremely competitive price.

Can I use images (or other content) in my website that I found via a Google search?
Unless specifically stated, most images and text are likely to be protected by copyright. Google Search is like a library; it just collates information that it finds on websites and then displays that in one place. This means that someone owns the copyright of all images and text.

In other words, just because you find an image in Google it doesn’t mean you can save it and use it in your website – not without permission from the copyright owner.

We can help you find reasonably priced images that you can use in your website, or take business photos for you – exteriors, interiors, products, staff etc. We can also help with website content.

For more information on how copyright affects information found on the internet, please read our article website copyright law.

What are your Terms & Conditions?
All our Terms & Conditions are here.

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