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Audio Visual Funeral Slideshow Poole, Dorset

Funeral video memorial tributes, Poole, Dorset

We offer a bespoke, audio-visual, slideshow tribute for your loved one's funeral. Based on the south coast in Poole, Dorset, we can help wherever you are in the UK.

What makes us different? We really do care about creating great memorial photo videos, thus ensuring a fitting send-off every time.

Unlike so many others, we don't use pre-made slideshow templates and our prices are extremely competitive. Check out our funeral photo tributes today.

Why Your Website Needs A Favicon

Example of a favicon.

A favicon (short for favourite icon) is a colourful little symbol that is the branding that’s associated with a particular website. Although the name ‘favicon’ might not be familiar, most people will recognise what it is once it’s been pointed out to them.

Coronavirus text scams UK

Coronavirus text scams.

A genuine text message about coronavirus has been sent from the UK government to all mobile phones. Beware of COVID-19 scam texts however, that want to defraud the unwary during this time of crisis.

How To Stop Facebook Showing You Targetted Ads

Stop Facebook targeted ads.

Did you know that other businesses send Facebook information about your activity on their sites and apps? This is used by Facebook to show you adverts it thinks are relevant to you (i.e. Facebook targeted ads) because it's based on your browsing habits on those other sites.

This is why it can often feel like you're being spied on by your phone.

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