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Beware of banking text message scam (Smishing)

NatWest text scam (Smishing).
Scammers are sending out text messages that appear to be from your bank, with the goal being to trick you into giving away your personal banking information. This is known as Smishing, which is short for 'SMS phishing', and relates to any attempt to defraud you via a text message.
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UK lagging behind the global average in mobile internet usage

Internet mobile phone usage in the UK
According to Zenith’s Mobile Advertising Forecasts 2017, the UK is lagging behind the global average in mobile internet usage.

Globally, mobile internet usage accounts for 73% of time spent on the internet. In contrast, UK usage of a mobile device to access the internet is just 57%, with a rise to 64% expected in 2018.
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Esso launches mobile payment app for fuel purchases

Esso fuel app
Esso has launched a new app for mobile phones, that allows customers to pay for their fuel at the petrol station. Using cloud-based technology, the system is quick and secure.

Once at the pump and before filling up with fuel, customers can open the app, select the pump number and authorise payment. When the nozzle for the fuel pump has been replaced the app confirms the payment amount and emails them a receipt for their purchase.
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Child Safety Initiative Phone Scam

Child Safety Initiative Phone Scam
Today I had a call from ‘The Child Safety Initiative’. The woman who called had a northern accent and said she’d “spoken to Lindsey back in February”, and Lindsey had agreed to sponsor a campaign to education children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

When I said I had no recollection of speaking to her and hadn't agreed to sponsor anyone she asked if I was Lindsey Harris. When I confirmed I was, she reiterated that, oh yes, we'd spoken in February and M35 Web Design had agreed to sponsor their publication for a one-off cost, instead of their five-yearly sponsorship deal. The cost of this 'sponsorship'? £125 + VAT.
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