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Search engine optimisation services Poole - SEOWhat Are Search Engines?

In a nutshell, search engines are computer programs that gather and categorise information on the internet. According to some surveys, more than 86% of all visitors arrive at web sites via search engines, which means that you ignore them at your peril.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the art and science of building web pages that are both search engine friendly and visitor friendly. At a bare minimum this means pages that have good coding behind them, easily navigable links and information-rich content. It also means using your ‘key words’ (words that you want to be found under in a search) in the right density on each page and in the coding behind it.

Search engine optimisation is also about avoiding having a web site that is heavily graphics orientated with little or no text, or made entirely from animations. It’s also not using so-called ‘black hat’ techniques to get your website to the top of search engines, which might get your site banned by them.

Remember, you might get compliments on how great your web site looks, but if it can’t be found on the internet other than by using your company name or web site address, you’ve wasted your money.

Which are the most important search engines?

The main search engines are the ‘Big Three’. In order of current importance these are: Google, Yahoo! and Bing (formerly MSN). Other search engines follow behind.

Google, reputedly the search engine of choice for most users, is said to have indexed more than 8 billion web pages, and counting. Not only is Google famous for its search facility, it also offers numerous other products which you can read about here.

How do search engines work?

Google uses an array of ‘bots’, also known as ‘spiders’ or ‘crawlers’, that trawl the Web looking for new web site content. Bing (formerly MSN) and Yahoo!, the other two in the ‘Big Three’ have their own versions of spiders.

If your web site has been built to be search engine friendly these spiders will easily be able to trawl your web site to gather information. They can then categorise your web site in the right place in its search engine database.

If your site isn’t built properly and/or isn’t search optimised the spider is likely to have trouble gathering information. This means that your web site may not get listed in search engines at all, or it might be listed poorly and won’t come up in the first 30 results of any search.

You wouldn’t build a house without first creating a solid foundation, so why would you build a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign without a solid foundation?

Many design companies are experienced in graphic design, but don’t know how to build search engine friendly web sites. What’s more, some don’t care whether a web site is found in a search or not, and concentrate all their efforts on making the site look beautiful. For example, Bing (formerly MSN) states that it will only accept sites that “meet accepted standards for content, design, and technical implementation”.

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How do search engines work?

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