Website Hosting and Email


Web Site Hosting

M35 Web Design, in Poole, provide web hosting and email services. Prices for hosting are from £75 per annum, per site. This price usually includes email, although if you want to collect mail on a mobile device (‘on the move’) there is an extra annual charge.

Here’s the deal:-

  • Website space of 1.5 GB
  • Maximum of 20 email addresses
  • Spam filtering (small extra annual charge for this)
  • Website statistics (we can set-up Google Analytics for a small, one-off charge)
  • FTP access
  • Customer Control Panel (to administer your own email, e.g. create new email addresses, setup and switch autoresponders on and off etc. (Small extra annual charge for this)
  • Autoresponders
  • Media streaming
  • Database(s)
  • SSL
  • Load balancing servers

Email (setting up your own mail accounts)

We’ll provide you with written instructions on setting up mail on different types of device (e.g. desktop computer, iPad, phone), enabling you to set up your own email.

Help with setting up email, or prefer us to set up mail for you?

We’re happy to help you set up mail or even to set your mail up for you, but we do make an hourly* charge.  That’s because email set-up is often time consuming, especially when most people have more than one device they want to receive mail on.

We may be able to talk you through set-up over the phone or, depending on your location, we can visit your premises to set your mail up for you.  If it’s not possible for us to visit then you may need to enlist the help of a IT specialist – someone who is local to you.

* If we only spend half an hour setting up email then that’s what we charge for (plus travel time if necessary).  Likewise, if we spend 1.5 hours setting up email we charge for 1.5 hours, not 2.

N.B. If you’re premises are more than 5 miles away from Poole we add travel costs to the set-up time.

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