M35 Web Design has always seen great, natural search engine optimisation results for our web design clients. We thought it was time to show off a few of our search engine optimisation results case studies!

N.B. these are not paid for links (Google Ads), these are ‘organic’ search engine results, achieved through website search engine optimisation.

* Results compiled 13th March, 2015. All the websites in this case study were built by M35 Web Design.


Client: No-Nonsense Pest Control

Google search query: “pest control bournemouth”
Result: Number 1 of about 3,000,000 results

Search query: pest control bournemouth

Search query: “pest control bournemouth”



Client: Penny Wilton

Google search query: “art classes poole”
Result: Number 3 of about 469,000 results

Search query: "art classes poole”

Search query: “art classes poole”



Client: Ace Plastering

Google search query: “liquid screed specialists”
Result: Number 3 of about 159,000 results

Search query: “liquid screed specialists”

Search query: “liquid screed specialists”



What about other search engines?

Good question!  The same searches, performed today, for the same clients, gives the following results in Bing/Yahoo! (these two share the same database). Really, these are the two other most important search engines:-

  • No Nonsense Pest Control is number 2 on page 1 for the search query ‘pest control bournemouth’.
  • Penny Wilton is number 11 on page 1 for ‘art classes Poole’.
  • Ace Plastering Poole is number 1 on Page 1 for the search query ‘liquid screed specialists’.


We are proud of our SEO results and believe they speak for themselves!

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