Common domain name and SEO scams

The phone call: Beware contact from a domain name company that tells you that someone is looking to snap up a domain name that you would want. They will often then go on to tell you that there are some real crooks on the internet – cybersquatters and con artists, etc. Then they suggest that they register the domain name for you.

The letter or e-mail:

Beware contact from a domain name company such as the Domain Name Registry of America (aka Domain Registry Group, Domain Registry of Europe), who tell you your domain name is coming up for renewal.

Under the guise of trying to get you to renew your domain name they are, in fact, asking you to transfer the registration to them. If you agree you will end up transferring your domain away from your current registrar to the scammer, which will result in problems with your website hosting account and/or e-mail and may cost more in fees.

Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.

There is also an email or letter doing the rounds purporting to be from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp, who say they are offering you search engine optimisation services (see example letter underneath this article). The letter looks like it’s a renewal invoice for something to do with your domain name, even though the small print says it isn’t. It may not be illegal, but it’s definitely ‘dodgy’.

The only people who should contact you about your existing domain name are your website hosting company, the company your domain name was registered through in the first place, or whoever looks after your domain name on your behalf.

If your domain name is looked after by us and you have received such a letter please either ignore it, or contact us for advice.

There is a useful article entitled ‘4 Ways to Spot an SEO Scam’ here.

Chinese Domain Name Scam

There are also other scams whereby you are informed that someone is just about to register a domain name that is the same as yours, but with a different ending (commonly a Chinese, or other far eastern variation of your domain name, such as ). The scammer then asks if you would like to buy the name instead as he can purchase it for you … yes, at a high price!

Don’t fall for this scam!


Below, is an example letter from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.









































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