Out-Of-Date Websites? They’re Targets For Hackers & Scammers

Poorly-maintained websites are targets for hackers and scammers

Do you have a website? Does it need updating?

An out-of-date site not only looks as if you’ve gone out of business, it’s also a target for hackers. They constantly look for sites that are poorly maintained because they will have developed security loopholes, making them easier to get into. Once inside your website, hackers and scammers can do all sorts of things to destroy it… and your reputation.

Aside from the cost, cleaning the site may be the ‘easy’ part, but re-building its credibility in Google and other search engines and the way your customers think about you can take a very long time. Don’t let that happen to your site.

We are based in Poole, Dorset and have 25+ years’ experience in website design, SEO, and internet solutions. We specialise in WordPress design and maintenance but can help with all sorts of sites.

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