Get to the top of Google naturally by blogging.

Blogging is an easy way to regularly get to the top of Google and other search engines!

Did you know that blogging is an easy way to regularly get to the top of Google and other search engines? Yes, it’s true and we can prove it. No gimmicks, or ‘black hat’ search engine techniques (bad) are used to accomplish this, or huge amounts of money for Google Ads.

Being near the top in an internet search means, of course, that when people search for something relevant to your business or service they’re more likely to find your website. In turn, that potentially means more customers for you.

Why does blogging help you? Well, Google and other search engines love new website content, because it gives their search visitors a better ‘user experience’. Updating your content regularly makes search engines want to keep re-visiting your site (and they will), because they’re always looking for new information to add to their search databases.

The above is the ‘in a nutshell’ version of why blogging works. It probably goes without saying that news posts also need to be structured properly, as well as optimised for search. M35 Web Design can do this for you.

We’re based in Poole, in Dorset, but your physical location doesn’t matter, we can still help you.

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