Did you know that other businesses send Facebook information about your activity on their sites and apps? This is used by Facebook to show you adverts it thinks are relevant to you (i.e. Facebook targeted ads) because it’s based on your browsing habits on those other sites. This is why it can often feel like you’re being spied on by your phone.

I recently checked my own Facebook account and saw…

“This is a summary of the 699 apps and websites that have shared your activity.”

699 websites and apps! That’s an awful lot that have spied on me and reported back to Facebook, not that I find this particularly surprising.

You, too, can see a summary of your activity as reported to Facebook by other sites, and clear this history from your account. Check out the new ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ tool here:


You can also manage future ad activity, so that any ads you’ll see on here are not targeted specifically at you.


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