Having written a post in November 2014 on domain name scams, there is a new variation of the old ‘Domain Name of America’ scam that is currently being sent via email to domain name registrants (in other words you, the client).

The email sender shows as ‘Domain Service’ and company it is supposed to come from is called Domain Registration Service SEO Company.

On first glance this ‘reminder’ makes it look as if your domain is about to expire. However, look further and you can see that it’s some kind of bogus search engine optimisation (SEO) service they want money for. The clue is in the body text which says,

This important expiration notification proposal notifies you about the expiration notice of your domain registration for yourdomain.com search engine optimization submission.

It then goes on to say,

We do not register or renew domain names.

Please be aware that this is a well-known scam. The senders presumably hope that accounts departments etc will just pay up without question and, undoubtedly, many do.


Don’t get fooled with this scam, just put it in the Junk folder where it belongs!


SCAM - Domain Registration Service SEO Company email


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