GDPR compliance and website privacy.


GDPR – a new law on Data Protection and Privacy

You may have heard mention of GDPR on the news, and have received numerous emails from companies asking if you still want to hear from them. This is down to a new law on Data Protection and Privacy that comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) covers data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, and gives significantly more rights to the owner of the data (the ‘data subject’) than before. This means greater fines for businesses improperly collecting and using an individual’s data.

GDPR affects your website’s Privacy Policy

One of the things GDPR covers is website Privacy Policies. All businesses that have an online presence must update their existing website Privacy Policy notice in order to be complaint with GDPR and avoid breaking the new law.

Any website that collects personal data from a visitor or customer, including email addresses, is required to comply. Your Privacy Policy must be transparent and easy to understand, so that your customers know they are protected.

NOTE: GDPR affects virtually all businesses, no matter how small, and even if you’re a ‘one man band’!

M35 Web Design has joined forces with Legalo to ensure all our customers (and ourselves) are compliant, by offering you their GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy template for free.

For peace of mind Legalo have insurance in case they’ve made any errors in drafting the templates they provide. To date they’ve never had any such claims, but would be happy to handle things if such a claim ever occurred, i.e. they take full responsibility.

M35 Web Design has made GDPR website compliance easy for you. 

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