Wouldn't you love to know who's been checking you out on Facebook? SCAM ALERT!

Wouldn’t you love to know who’s been checking you out on Facebook? Maybe an ex, a boss, or a neighbour?

I’m sure most of us have seen an ad, or a posting from a Facebook friend saying something like, “Find out who’s been checking your Facebook page”, or “See who viewed your profile”. All very tempting of course.

It used to be that if you clicked on something like that you were encouraged to download an app. You’d then discover that the app had given scammers access to your Facebook account. Not only that, it would also give them access to everything else: your e-mail, home address and photos, all of which can make you a victim of identity theft. The scammers would then probably go on to target the people on your friends list with the same scheme.

Facebook doesn’t give developers access to the data required to create apps like this – they’re all scams!

Anyway, there’s now another version of the Facebook followers scam where you’re told to type “following me” into the Facebook search box.

Do this and you’ll apparently see a list of people who are secretly following you. The reality is that if you follow the instructions you’ll only see a list of Facebook users all with the term “following me” in brackets after their names.

Some of these names are linked to risky websites, but it’s not clear what others want to achieve, although you just know it won’t be good!

The bottom line is that IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO FIND OUT WHO’S BEEN LOOKING AT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE, not even amongst your Facebook friends, not unless they Like, Share or Comment on something you’ve posted.

Anything else is a SCAM.

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