Wordfence have just published their March 2017 WordPress Attacks report. This includes the top attacking countries and the most attacked WordPress themes and plugins. This just proves how important it is to keep your website updated, and with robust security protection in place too.

The top 25 attacking IP addresses, if clustered by country, show that Ukraine is the top source of attacks. However, there were also a large number of top attacking IPs from Turkey in March 2017.

The top 25 countries that attacks originated from in March 2017


  1. Russia
  2. United States
  3. Ukraine
  4. India
  5. Turkey
  6. France
  7. China
  8. Brazil
  9. UK
  10. Italy
  11. Republic of Korea
  12. Philippines

13. Canada
14. Netherlands
15. Romania
16. Pakistan
17. Germany
18. Spain
19. Indonesia
20. Malaysia
21. Serbia
22. Japan
23. Algeria
24. Australia

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