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The importance of choosing a good username

Why usernames matter.

Since yesterday a M35 Web Design client website has been subject to a ‘brute force attack’ by a hacker. A brute force attack is an attempt by a hacker to crack passwords, usernames or find hidden web pages, using a trial and error approach.

The hacker is a ‘bot’ (computer), whose sole purpose is to login to a website and cause havoc in whatever way it can. This particular bot is located in Vietnam and has been trying to login to my client’s site since yesterday afternoon, attacking roughly every six minutes.

As I write this it’s still trying to find a way in.

Own a business? Own a website? Then you need to read this…

GDPR compliance and website privacy.

You may have heard mention of GDPR on the news, and have received numerous emails from companies asking if you still want to hear from them. This is down to a new law on Data Protection and Privacy that comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) covers data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, and gives significantly more rights to the owner of the data (the 'data subject') than before. This means greater fines for businesses improperly collecting and using an individual's data.

Flickr acquired by SmugMug

Flickr acquired by SmugMug, April 2018.

Flickr, the photo sharing website, has been acquired by premium photo hosting company SmugMug. Based on what SmugMug are currently saying I'm hoping that this might actually be a good thing.

Flickr and SmugMug will continue to operate as separate entities indefinitely, although CEO Don MacAskill says he doesn't yet know what his plans are for Flickr.

Photo Retouching & Editing Poole (I love my job!)

Photo editing and retouching, Poole, Dorset.

I love my job... always something different. Today I've been editing and re-touching a lovely young lady's graduation photo, as she said that it didn't look like her.

I had to literally replace her eyebrows, which looked fuzzy and a strange colour, and also move her mouth slightly as a 'rogue shadow' was making it look lopsided.

Now it's so much better and it looks like her. I hope she'll be pleased too.

Beware of banking text message scam (Smishing)

NatWest text scam (Smishing).

Scammers are sending out text messages that appear to be from your bank, with the goal being to trick you into giving away your personal banking information. This is known as Smishing, which is short for 'SMS phishing', and relates to any attempt to defraud you via a text message.

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